This is a project highlighting the women working in male dominated industries. Women have managed to reach the top of many of these professions. Business, medicine, law, politics, etc. have all modernised - to a certain extent - and benefitted from the increasing inclusion of women.

However, there are still many vocations where women make up less than 10% of the workforce, for example, firefighting, aviation, construction, science, engineering, mechanics and technology to name a few.

This series celebrates these women, explores their experiences of being in the minority and challenges our preconceptions of gender and ability.

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HGV driver 0.5%

Butcher 0.04%

Submariner 9%

Deep sea diver, Royal Navy 9%

Mechanic 0.04%

Military police, Royal Navy 9%

Rope access worker 0.05%

Construction site manager 1%

Train driver 4.2%

Auto electrical engineer 9%

Black Cab driver 5%

Hedgelayer 1%

Coxswain 8%

Space Lawyer & Equity Partner 9.4%

Leading Hand, Royal Navy 9%

Trauma surgeon 8%

Grip in film & TV 1%

London Underground train operator 10%

Manufacturing engineer for aero repair & overhaul 6%

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