The Athena Project was developed with, and commissioned by CMS Cameron McKenna to highlight the importance of female role models, mentors and leaders. Portraits of women within the firm, their clients and the UK Government feature in a permanent display at the London firm as well as touring the UK as part of an ongoing programme showcasing their achievements and pioneering stories to a wider audience.

As well as Managing Directors, General Counsels, Chief Financial Operating Officers and Legal Partners, portraits also include Fiona Woolf, the second female Lord Mayor of London in 800 years, Baroness Patricia Scotland, the first black female government minister and first female Attorney General, and Helen Grant, the (then) Minister for Sport and Equalities.

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Fiona Woolf, Lord Mayor 2013-14, City of London & Partner, Energy sector, CMS
Photographed in the Great Hall at the Guildhall, London

Laura Holleman, Managing Director & General Counsel of Investment Banking, Goldman Sachs
Photographed in the art deco foyer of the former Daily Express building, Fleet Street, London

Joan Grogan, Principal Counsel in the Office of the General Counsel at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (“EBRD”)
Photographed at the EBRD, London

Rachel Empey, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for Telefónica Deutschland.Photographed at Telefónica Germany, The O2 Building, Munich

Helen Rodwell, Regional Head of Corporate, CMS in Central & Eastern Europe & Managing Partner in Prague
Photographed with her son Harry in Green Park, London

Sarah Blomfield, Managing Director, Legal & Compliance, Rothschild
Photographed in the roof garden at Rothschild, London

Joanne Wheeler, Space lawyer & Partner at Bird & Bird.
Photographed at Inmarsat, London

Alison Kay, Group General Counsel, National Grid
Photographed at National Grid offices, London

Eva Bishop, Associate General Counsel, Refining, Marketing and Shipping BP. Photographed at BP plc International Headquarters, London

Helen Grant, Conservative Party politician. Member of Parliament for Maidstone and the Weald, Kent, elected 2010
Photographed on the terrace at the House of Commons

Penelope Warne, Senior Partner & Head of Energy, CMS
Photographed on the roof at CMS, Mitre House, London

Antonia Jenkinson, CFO satellite applications, Catapult. Photographed at one of the UK’s highest resolution video walls

Michelle Everson, Professor of Law at Birkbeck, University of London
Photographed in the Senate Room, Senate House, London

Lesley Wan, Corporate Real Estate Counsel, Lloyds Banking Group
Photographed on the roof terrace at One New Change, London

Caryn Penley, Partner CMS. Photographed on the terrace at CMS’ offices, Edinburgh

Claire O'Brien, Global Head of Consulting, Integreon. Photographed at Integreon offices, Mitre house, London.

Helena Morrissey, CEO Newton Investment Management. Photographed at Newton Investments, London

Jacquelynn Craw, General Counsel of Fairfield Energy Limited. Photographed at CMS, 
Mitre House, London

Louise Wallace, Partner, Corporate law, CMS
Photographed at CMS, Mitre House, London

Rita Lowe, Head of the Banking & Finance team, CMS. Photographed at CMS, Mitre House, London

Jessica Marshall, spacecraft systems engineer Abbie Hutty, Mars Rover engineer, Elizabeth Seward, spacecraft marketing and technical communications manager & Faye Hunter, MIRI European consortium project manager Photographed in the ‘Mars Yard’ at Airbus.

Patricia Scotland Baroness Scotland of Asthal, PC, QC, House of Lords
Photographed in the River Room, House of Lords, Westminster

Liz Walker, General Council, BT Global Services. Photographed at the BT Centre, London

Sandi Okoro, General Counsel, HSBC Asset Management & Deputy General Counsel, Retail Banking HSBC
Photographed at HSBC, London

Eirini Dimitroula, network operations centre manager & Daniela Cipollone, satellite controller. Photographed in the control room at Inmarsat, London

Karen Clayton, Former UK General Counsel & Company Secretary, National Grid. Photographed in the control room at National Grid.

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